Tuna Fish Juice - My Popeye's Spinach

I know what you are thinking, GROSS!!!  Yes it is.  

There is something magical  that occurs when I get into a state of "flow" in the studio.  The whole world slips away from me and it's just me and my painting.  When I'm in this deep state of the creation process, I forget that I have a body.  Time slips away.  I forget to eat.  It's generally at the moment after a long, intense painting session that I realize that my body is crashing.  That's why I keep cans of tuna in my studio.  

I love how the body lets us know what it needs.  When I first started turning to tuna to help pull me out of the crash,  I would take the time to drain the juice from the can.  I remember the first time I was so desperate to balance out my body.  I thought, "Man, that tuna juice looks good!"  So I drank it, and WOW!!!!  Instantly felt better.  I'm to the point now that I actually crave the stuff.  

I told a friend about this weird tuna thing.  His reaction was disgust.  And then he was like, "That's brilliant! It's like orange juice for a diabetic.".  Or in my case it's my Popeye's Spinach.  ;)

What does your Tuna Juice "fix" look like?????

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Rolinda Stotts