"Please Touch The Painting"

I spent 6 hours in front of Elliott Yeary Gallery in Aspen Colorado this summer painting on the busy pedestrian mall.  The day was magnificent.  Perfect weather in this gorgeous mountain town.  

The same thing happened over and over.  A small child would run up and get so excited about what I was doing and reach out to touch the painting.  The freaked out parent would desperately try to stop the child telling them to not touch.  You can imagine what is going thought the parents head.  I have felt that same way with my own children.

This is the moment were I get to give a great gift.  The permission to touch.  I explain that I love touching everything.  I wanted to create art that could be touched and loved.

I believe touching is loving.

As I gave permission over and over again to touch my paintings and talked about how touching is loving my world expanded.  

Rolinda Stotts