Storing "Red Beauty" during the BIG Adventure

Doug and Dana are getting ready to live an adventure on a boat for a year or two.  Everything is going into a climate controlled storage unit but Doug was worried about making sure that "Red Beauty" would be safe.  He reached out to me via my website through the "What's On Your Mind" form.  I gave Doug a call and we walked thought the best way to store their painting.  It was so exciting to hear about their upcoming adventure.  I love seeing people living out their dreams.  Bravo!

How to store a Bella Rotta painting: 

  • Wrap each panel in a moving blanket.
  • Shrink wrap the outside of the blanket to keep blankets secure on the panels.
  • Place the painting completely upright against the wall of the storage unit.  
  • I would place some foam or wood block under the panels to elevate the art off the floor incase of any potential water damage in the unit.  You never know.
  • The key to make sure that nothing is leaning on the art that would cause warping. 

Happy travels to Doug and Dana.  

Rolinda Stotts