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Cold Drink of Water

Growing up we would take a Mason jar with us out to the fields every day. Along with all the work there were always great games of ditch jumping and mud flinging. Yes, real mud. We learned quickly not to leave our jar of drinking water in the truck or field because no one wants to drink hot water in 90* plus weather.  The ditch water was much colder that the air so we would drop our jar into the ditch where it waited patiently for us. That cold water from the jar really hit the spot. I can taste it now.

I was visiting Tom and Carolyn, owners of Thomas Anthony Gallery in Park City Utah. We had the best conversation about what happens to guests of the gallery after enjoying a beautiful warm summer day of play.

“Collectors come into the gallery and see Winter Beauty and it’s like a Cold Drink of Water.”

I love that thought. The mix of wintery blue, white and purple, right there when you need it the most- in July.

Winter Beauty 72" high x 48" wide triptych