"Sweet Dreams" - Thank you for the kind words, Sharon and Dennis.

Hi Rolinda,

Well, I am just totally embarrassed to have waited so long to tell you how much we love, love, love "Sweet Dreams!"    My husband was right; I should have sent you a short message within a few days, but, noooooo, I wanted to say much more because everything was perfect and deserved mention.   Sincere apologies to you for my procrastination and on top of that I rewrite which takes even more time - old English teacher.  

As my husband ripped opened your box and took out the sections, we were impressed with your packing - bet you have done that a time or two.   :)   And then - "Oh, look, she wrote on the back!"   Your words spoke to us:   My husband was career Navy with months spent on Aircraft Carriers away from home.   Adventures in life, whether as a family or individual, are wonderful, but relaxing together in our own house, being able to rest in comfort are very important with those "Sweet Dreams" of times past, and future hopes for our family.  Thank you for the Writing "extra bonus" on the center piece.  We sure enjoyed that surprise and it was fun to slowly unwind the clear wrapping.  

We do feel peace every time we walk through the double doors into our room; your "beautifully imperfect" trio take us into a forest filled with colors we love.   Our company (son and girl friend) thought it was beautiful as well - for its uniqueness and impact - they were "wowed."   Then we played your video, so they could appreciate all the steps toward the grand finale.  We thank you again for putting that together - it is an amazing process you have.

Our granddaughters, who live a few blocks away, liked the shiny foil and were also fascinated by your video. Then to observe the overall finished art was another treat.  It helped them to understand how much time and effort goes into creating your work.  And Yes, they touched your paintings!!    :)  :)   And, yes, they were amazed we let them.  

Your "Sweet Dreams" lifts us up and brings on the smiles, so Thank You again for creating such lovely work for our humble wall.   

Best regards and our very best wishes for a Happy Holiday season,

Sharon and Dennis


Rolinda Stotts