"Promised Hope" - Mark and Ginger

Mark and Ginger have this amazing getaway in Breckenridge, Colorado.  They love hiking and nature and asked me to paint a commission that would incorporate something I have never done before.  Paint a diptych (two panels) of the Holy Cross Mountain in Colorado with spring on the left panel and fall on the right panel. 

I was excited to jump in and create!  Raitman Galleries in Breckenridge, CO helped Mark and Ginger map out the size for the two panels using blue painter tape, the contract was written up, and I began to paint.  It was a thrill to see the painting take shape and tp watch this really amazing story come alive!

Once the painting was completed, I sent off an image to the gallery to be shared with Mark and Ginger for approval.  They loved the painting but asked if I could do two additional things:

1-Add some yellow Aster to the spring portion of the painting.  

2-Move the very distinct Holy Cross Mountain onto the Spring portion of the panting to symbolize the rebirth and renewal that has such spiritual meaning for them.

I explained that the Asters were a very simple thing but moving the mountain was not an option at this point of the process.  I also explained that I had purposely placed the Holy Cross Mountain on the autumn side for the simple fact that as we move into the fall and winter those are the times that we need to have the promised hope that spring will come again.

In my own life, I have gone through seasons of winter/hardship.  As that hardship starts to lift there are signs of rebirth everywhere.  I love that hope that parallels knowing and trusting that spring will come again.

Mark and Ginger loved the idea of the Holy Cross Mountain remaining in "Fall" but asked if I could, along with asters, add a butterfly to symbolize one more sign of rebirth.  I was thrilled!!!  

We were set.  All this happened on Friday and an appointment to deliver the completed commission to their home with Brian, from Raitman Galleries, was scheduled for Monday.  This gave me time to make the changes.  

I woke up the next morning excited for my Saturday and checked the weather forecast.  Winter storm warnings were being announced for MONDAY!  I was so disappointed and stressed due to the fact that I prefer to not travel in a winter storm.  Then inspiration struck.   I reached out to Brian to see if we could possibly hang the painting that very day.  We made some tentative plans and then Brian reached out to Mark and Ginger to see if we could come up that very day.  Mark and Ginger were out hiking, but around 3:00, I got the go ahead to come on up.  

With being pinched on time, we all decided that the butterfly and asters would be added at Mark and Ginger's home.  Brian and I  arrived with the commission and we set up a little painting place on Mark and Ginger's kitchen counter.  We had a blast sharing stories, looking at reference photos and painting.  It was a joy to watch it all come together and to see how happy Mark and Ginger were with their new painting that I titled, "Promised Hope".

Rolinda Stotts