Hopping Fences-Building Fences-Painting Fences Fences in my life have always been friendly things. As a kid, I spent many happy hours working along side my Dad and siblings building fence on the farm. I think that is why when I see a fence in a beautiful landscape, I can’t help but want to capture that love and joy to place it in my paintings.

The first fence painting I did was inspired by a trip to Sedona Arizona via Telluride Colorado. I was on Last Dollar Road in my huge Sprinter Van on the most gorgeous October day. Photo after photo came from one vista to the next. I could truly see myself stopping my van and living on the side of the hill for a month just to watch the color grow and change. It was the split rail fences that called to me, “Stop, hop over and see what’s next,” they whispered.

With the melting of winter and the birth of spring comes the glory of flowers. Again, I find myself on my walks and travels, stopping to photograph flowers. It is almost better than picking them. I can’t imagine any better home for flowers than snuggled up to an old log fence.

What better way to celebrate this moment than by hopping a fence to see what's next?

That must be why my heart leaps to paint a fence.

Hop the Fence and Come Play 66" high x 24" wide