Growing up on a dairy farm working with animals and earth, growing crops and building fence, learning to nurture life and respect nature. This is where my life as an artist began. The lessons of balance and harmony learned on the farm where invaluable in expressing my feelings and experiences on canvas.


Some of my subject matter comes from early childhood experiences on the farm, but still more comes from my life with my children. Seeing the world simplified through their eyes has given me great inspiration. My paintings are more of an essence of nature, not a literal representation of it. It’s the emotion that a stand of aspen stirs inside me that is captured. You will notice lots of familial references in the titles of my paintings like “Three Sisters,” “Protecting the Little One,” and “Family of Five;” this is no accident.  Family is very important.  

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My family also led me to another love, Italy. The first time my husband and I traveled there, was an immediate connection to art and my heritage. Undeniably, this was home. Rich colors and wonderful history overtook me as I absorbed the culture. Experiencing Italy with Italians awakened the artist in me.  There is a sense of history with my paintings, helping viewers to experience the same enchantment felt, when coming upon a worn and broken, but beautiful old wall.


I feel truly blessed to be able to share my creations with you.